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Excellance, Inc.

Excellance is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of emergency vehicles in the world. From its inception, the company’s stated goal has been to produce the finest quality emergency medical and rescue vehicles available in the marketplace. Excellance’s customer base includes those to whom money is no object (such as the royal family of Saudi Arabia) as well as those who can afford no more than one vehicle but want the best value for their limited budget (such as volunteer organizations). Excellance has also supplied over 150 units to Acadian Ambulance in Louisiana, the largest private service provider in the United States.

All vehicles are custom-built to our customer’s specifications. Working closely with the customer to provide exactly what will meet their needs has been fundamental to the company’s success.

Excellance vehicles cost more money than other units because building a high quality vehicle is labor intensive. The company is not making more money – it simply costs more to build a better unit. However, Excellance’s customers have found that they actually save money buying Excellance units, because they avoid excessive repairs and do not have to replace their units as frequently.


Excellance Golden Eagle Type I ambulances are the traditional choice of EMS Providers who demand maximum payloads and easy engine access. The Type I modular body shares most of the same features as the Type III series, but offers 25% more standard interior cabinet storage.

Chassis choices from Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, and GMC provide a range of available payloads. A full range of performance options such as battery conditioners, air-ride suspension, brake retarders, dual-compressor air conditioning systems, automatic snow chains, etc. are available to suit any environment along with a factory-installed 4×4 system for severe operating conditions.



Excellance Type III ambulances are the choice of EMS Providers who demand the maneuverability, handling, and ride of a Cutaway-style chassis. The Type III modular body shares most of the same features as our Type I series, but also includes additional items such as an exterior battery storage compartment and custom-fabricated aluminum diamond-plate running boards as standard equipment. While a walk-through feature from the cab to the module is standard, we also offer an optional “pass-through” configuration to provide more patient compartment cabinetry as well as space for map books, communication equipment, etc.

Specialty/Critical Care

Excellance is well known for ambulances individually-customized to meet the unique requirements of each EMS Agency. This attention to detail extends to very complex vehicles typically used for Critical Care Transports. Cardiac Care, High-Risk Maternal Transport, Neonatal Transfers, and similar special transports of adults and/or children require equipment and reliability that are the hallmarks of an Excellance unit.

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